The Most Common Mistakes Made with WordPress


WordPress is a modern marvel.  A few clicks here, a few uploads there, and before you know it you have a pretty good looking website.  While WordPress and WordPress themes do make it all very easy, there are still mistakes one can easily make while using it.  Here is a list of the most common mistakes that people make so that you can learn from their experiences and avoid them yourself.

  1. Forgetting to Back Up the Site
    When most people first start using WordPress they usually remember to backup all their work right away just in case of any errors at the beginning.  As time goes on however the habit of backing up tends to fade.  Unfortunately crashes, errors, and mistakes do happen.  Losing a big chunk of data after a lot of hard work was put into it can be downright painful, if not costly to your company in money and time.  Always remember to back up your work!  You can do it manually or use a plugin designed to do it automatically for you.  This is an easy mistake to correct, but the lesson is not typically learned until it is too late.
  1. Forgetting to Update
    This is another mistake that is easy to fix yet so easy to ignore until it is too late.  Updates to WordPress help ensure that everything is running smoothly.  New updates often address bugs, improve site speeds, and make your site more secure.  This mistake is often costly because of viruses, hackers and other threats.  It only takes a quick push of a button and a few moments of your time to ensure you have the most up to date version installed.
  1. Not Using Analytics Tools
    Even if you have a fine looking website that you update regularly, you may find that the traffic to your website is sporadic.  Sometimes it seems like you are getting a flood and other times it is hardly a trickle.  This is why it is important to use web analytic programs.  Using these tools and programs means you can monitor your traffic, see what keywords and pages are bringing them in.  This allows you to really get a better idea of what is working and what may need improving so that you can enjoy a steady amount of visitors as you are now targeting your traffic.
  1. Not Making Use of Gravatars
    A Gravatar is an avatar or image that is used globally across the Internet.  This is basically what people first recognize so that they know that it is you wherever you happen to be online.  This is another way to help brand your WordPress website and gain you traffic.  Being without a Gravatar is basically like venturing out faceless into the crowd.  This is another very easy issue to fix, and one that smart businesses are sure to remember and utilize.
  1. Ignoring Mobile Traffic
    Mobile sites really are the way of the future for the Internet, after all who do you know that doesn’t have a cell phone?  Ignoring the needs of mobile users is thus a big mistake, and one that many are still making.  Mobile sites are scaled down versions of your main site, which is easy to see on a small screen, and easy to use with the normal functions of a phone or other mobile device.  Luckily, WordPress offers themes that can automatic redirect to a mobile version of the site, or if you prefer there are also plugins available to make this an easy switch.

Many of these may seem like obvious errors, but they are the most common with WordPress users just the same.  Just keeping in mind these few simple points can help you avoid common mistakes and keep you ahead of the game.

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