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Blogger Outreach: 25+ Bloggers Who Will Promote Your WordPress Theme or Plugin!

With the promotion of Author Plus I did a fair bit of blogger outreach. I’ll be honest, I’m used to being outreached to, rather than doing the outreach myself. After spending a night looking through blogs using Google Searches and my own network for blogs, I was getting nowhere. Instead I tried something a little […]

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Spotify Play Button For WordPress Released!

I am delighted to announce the launch of Spotify Play Button for WordPress! Recently, Spotify launched their Spotify Play Features, which are lovely, and you can add Spotify music to your site. As a heavy user of Spotify, I’d love to see how it worked for my WordPress-run sites. As such, I knocked together this […]

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How To: Add A Banner To Your Plugin on WordPress.org

If you spend as much time poking around WordPress.org as I’d do, you’d see some plugins (such as Yoast’s excellent WordPress SEO) have banners. Enviously, I’ve looked on, wanting to know how to add banners to my plugins. Of course, you can Read The Chuffing Manual and find out how to add banners. However, it […]

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Author+ Premium Launched!

Today sees the launch of my first ever Premium WordPress Plugin – Author+! Author+ (pronounced Author Plus) is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to create useful, indexable WordPress Author Pages which will lead to more traffic and backlinks to your blog. It’s done using three things:- Creates an “Extended Author Bio” which will be […]

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My Top Five WordPress Plugins For Easy SEO

SEO eh? Isn’t it wonderful? Despite what naysayers often say, having a well targetted and optimised site, flanked by amazing content, in a niche where people actually would throw money at you, is a good thing. Balls to social media.* However, the actual SEO bit of SEO (the optimisation of your website to search engines) […]

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