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Tips And Tricks To Choosing Your Next Link Building Company

Although Google’s algorithm has hundreds and hundreds of different ranking factors, backlinks have always remained one of the strongest influences. It’s true that Google is trying to move toward a more holistic approach that focuses on the big picture, the community and social engagement, but backlinks are simply not going anywhere. They are still and […]

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How to SEO for Mobile in 2013

After a recent visit to a mini conference in Manchester on “SoLoMo” or Social, Location, Mobile I came back inspired about how to SEO for the mobile age in 2013. With the increase of device based marketing and mobile developments of the internet the way we are communicating is changing, and so is the way […]

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Things That Cause Deindexation From Google – How To Find Site Issues & Fix Them

In my day job, I have access to a metric shitload of data of SEO campaigns. We’re talking thousands of websites here (I oversee campaigns, rather than get directly involve in them now), from a European budget airline, to small businesses, to the usual spammy subjects like payday loans and stuff. As such, these are […]

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Preparing for SEO-Armageddon With Google Analytics Intelligence

Having your website drop from Google overnight sucks. It’s happened to me before, too aggressive a link building strategy, getting malware on your site or sleeping with Larry Page’s wife can see your site drop from the rankings. Good news though, it’s not irreversible (particularly if you are an established site,  though if you’re a […]

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My Top Five WordPress Plugins For Easy SEO

SEO eh? Isn’t it wonderful? Despite what naysayers often say, having a well targetted and optimised site, flanked by amazing content, in a niche where people actually would throw money at you, is a good thing. Balls to social media.* However, the actual SEO bit of SEO (the optimisation of your website to search engines) […]

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