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On August 29, 2011
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One of my most used programmes (and often the first thing run on a blog when I create a new blog post) is Bookmarking Demon (Affiliate Link).

Bookmarking Demon is an incredible way in building up shed-loads of links automatically. The links are terrible, which is why they should be the links you build up automatically.

Basically Bookmarking Demon (also known as BMD) is a service where (for around $150), you automatically create accounts on Social Bookmarking sites, which you can then populate with your social bookmarks automatically.

It’s tremendously spammy (which I don’t have a problem with – after all, why would social bookmarking sites not want bookmarks on there?), but it protects you if you set it up properly using a great social bookmarking site list, a disposable email address, RSS feeds and Decaptcher, then it can save you a lot of time in link building.

But what can the links achieve? Well, quite a lot, let me give you an example.

Case Example – Giving Greyhound Buses Some Grief

If you’ve ever been to the United States you’ll have heard of Greyhound Buses. The form of travel for the criminal underclass, travelers and cheapskates in America, Greyhound buses were planned to be the crux of my travel in a recent holidays to the states. However, after using their website (here’s a tip – if you’re building  a website, don’t copy the Greyhound Buses website, it’s bloody useless!) I found out I inadvertedly booked the wrong day for my bus. After dealing with their abysmal customer service and getting nowhere fast I did what anybody who had a relatively successful blog would do. I wrote a blog post about my experience. You can read my blog post here.

As well as tweeting it and talking about it. I found it needed something extra, so I fired up Bookmarking Demon, and by creating a few links for it (for phrases such as “Greyhound Buses”, “Greyhound Buses Refund”), I socially bookmarked the page.

As such, in the last month, this has been the traffic to my site for any search for “Greyhound Buses”.

Okay, it’s not a huge amount. But it was large enough at the time to cause Greyhound a headache and to refund me. I’m now connected with a bunch of other greyhound haters. Finally, I’ve met a bunch of people who have also be appauled by the shocking customer service of Greyhound.

I don’t put the success solely on Bookmarking Demon, but I would say, it certainly helped.

How You Can Use Bookmarking Demon Effectively

Although it isn’t completely clear, you can see that by using Bookmarking Demon you can dominate long tail searches (look how long the search phrases are in Analytics, and how little each search phrase brings). Long tail searches can lead to larger conversions, and often a semi-optimised post with one or two poor links (such as a bookmark) pointing to it can lead to page 1 rankings.

Bookmarking Demon makes this process stupidly easy. I highly recommend it.

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