Monetize Your Blog Before Its Too Late

For those with a blog, there is no reason not to monetize it. Making a good income out of your blog is very possible and you can start immediately. It takes a very short time for ads to begin appearing on your blog and the rest is left to how well you are promoting the blog and engaging in proper and legal search engine optimization practices. If you have no idea about these proper guidelines yet you are engaging in optimizing the blog, you might want to search on the web all you can about white hat SEO and the recent Panda and Penguin updates by Google that sought to punish those engaging in illegal site optimization practices. At the end of it all, lots of people lost their site’s traffic with some being banned all the same. In short, even as you start to monetize your blog, do not be gullible and engage in short term successful methods of optimization that could lead to a lifetime ban.

Contextual Ads 

One of the best ways of getting some revenue from your blog is putting impression, text and contextual adverts on the blog. These are basically ads that different giant sites across the web pay you to have on your blog. They include Google Adsense, Value Click, Kontera, Tribal Fusion, AdBrite, Text Link Brokers, Adgenta or Q Ads and many others. Google Adsense is one of the most famous and highly used but thousands of people across the world and the entire web has seen a lot of success while using the other contextual ad methods. At the end of the day, study the payout methods and how the ad income is arrived at to find the best one to use for your site. However, all the ads sites do not work globally.

Affiliate Marketing 

If you thought making money through your blog was only through contextual ads then you are wrong. Affiliate marketing is very high on the web and many people are making good money out of it. After you have joined an affiliate program, you can start making some good money as per the agreed payment plan. Some affiliates will pay a percentage of the product’s cost after a referral has led to a purchase while others pay for impressions that a referral might have brought. Some of the affiliate programs include Amazon Associates, Associate Programs, Link Share, All Posters, Affiliate Program Directory and Commission Junction.

Paid Posting 

Again there are so many ways of making some money out of your blog, especially if you have done some wonderful work on it and the result is a content rich blog with a lot of traffic and good page rank from the authoritative search engines. Such a site is the envy of everybody and many sites operate paid posting services that get you paid every time an advertiser who wants content written and posted in authority blogs selects your blog. A niche blog can make lots of money from paid posting due to the demand by product and service owners who are after blogs that post content related to their products or services. Sites that operate paid posting include Pay Per Post, Sponsored Reviews, Pay U2 Blog, Social Spark and Review Me among others.

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Lucy is a seasoned affiliate marketeer who has earned handsome profits with her affiliate marketing skills. She occasionally blogs on interesting tips on monetizing your blog with various methods. Click Here For More Information on how you can monetize your blog.

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