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eBay Feeds For WordPress version 0.9.2 Released!

I am delighted to announce the release of eBay Feeds for WordPress version 0.9.2! This version fixes a small bug I was experiencing on a site I built recently – if the feed was empty or invalid, then it would break the site. This fix stops that, so now this plugin works for those who […]

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WP Email Capture Premium Launched

Today, I am delighted to announce the launch of WP Email Capture Premium. The plugin is the premium version of my most successful plugin ever – WP Email Capture. As well has having all the features you have come to expect from the free version, you also have a bunch of other features including the […]

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Author+ Premium 1.9 Released!

Today I am delighted to announce the release of Author+ Premium 1.9! In this update, it has become a lot easier to add Google Rich Snippets to posts. Just simply add your Google+ Profile data to your user profile in the WordPress Dashboard. Full documentation is included, and if you have already got Google Rich […]

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eBay Feeds For WordPress 0.8 Released!

I am delighted to announce the release of eBay Feeds For WordPress version 0.8! In this version, you can open links in a new window or the same window. This is done via a box on the options page:- By default the links open in the same window. You will need to go to the […]

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Spotify Play Button For WordPress Released!

I am delighted to announce the launch of Spotify Play Button for WordPress! Recently, Spotify launched their Spotify Play Features, which are lovely, and you can add Spotify music to your site. As a heavy user of Spotify, I’d love to see how it worked for my WordPress-run sites. As such, I knocked together this […]

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WP Email Capture 2.1 Released!

Last night I released the latest version of WP Email Capture. For those of you who know anything about me before starting Blogging Dojo, I did used to meddle around with WordPress Plugins before the release of Author Plus. One of my most successful was WP Email Capture, a plugin that allows you to collect […]

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How To: Add A Banner To Your Plugin on

If you spend as much time poking around as I’d do, you’d see some plugins (such as Yoast’s excellent WordPress SEO) have banners. Enviously, I’ve looked on, wanting to know how to add banners to my plugins. Of course, you can Read The Chuffing Manual and find out how to add banners. However, it […]

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Author+ Premium 1.1 Launched

Today I am delighted to announce the release of Author+ Premimum 1.1! In this update, there is increased options for administrators to allow individual users to be blocked from appearing on the “All Authors” section. This is useful if you have a “guest post” you don’t wish to push. Author+ is exclusively available for $25.00 […]

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Author+ Premium Launched!

Today sees the launch of my first ever Premium WordPress Plugin – Author+! Author+ (pronounced Author Plus) is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to create useful, indexable WordPress Author Pages which will lead to more traffic and backlinks to your blog. It’s done using three things:- Creates an “Extended Author Bio” which will be […]

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eBay Feeds For WordPress Released

Recently I’ve been getting back into my plugin writing. Anybody who writes or markets should in my eyes be able to code at least a little bit, and writing a WordPress Plugin can ease you into coding fairly easily. Anyway, my latest plugin – eBay Feeds For WordPress – has been released! The plugin takes […]

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