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Rise Forums Review

Recently I was asked to join Rise Forums, a forum dedicated to internet marketers, bloggers and WordPress developers. The forum has been set up to help internet marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and developers connect with each other and grow each others businesses. Why You Should Join A Paid Forum? You may ask why you would want […]

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Services I Use – Advanced Web Ranking

If you do any sort of SEO Work on your site (don’t let the doomsayers scare you, if you ignore SEO you’re genuinely pants-on-head retarded), you could use tools to help you. Essential tools are limited to one – a spreadsheet program to track anything and everything. However there are tools out there that you […]

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Get Noticed Book Review

I was sent a copy of “Get Noticed“, a book about effective networking, by Marcus Taylor, one of the co-authors of the book (along with Rob Lawrence). The book is a lifestyle book, which shares tips on meeting the right people at the right time, all of the time. At first I was a little […]

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