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Blogger Outreach: 25+ Bloggers Who Will Promote Your WordPress Theme or Plugin!

With the promotion of Author Plus I did a fair bit of blogger outreach. I’ll be honest, I’m used to being outreached to, rather than doing the outreach myself. After spending a night looking through blogs using Google Searches and my own network for blogs, I was getting nowhere. Instead I tried something a little […]

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Running a Twitter Competition – Part 2: Deciding Winners

This is the second part of the “Running a Twitter Competion” Mini Series. You can read Part 1 here. So after promoting the comptition and raising the profile of the competition, we now move onto deciding the winners when the competition is closed. This used a couple of tools, to help make my job a […]

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Running a Twitter Competition – Part 1: Preparation & Promotion

Last week I announced the winner of a week long twitter comptition to win one of five copies of Author Plus. The plugin is currently undergoing some rennovations and feature additions, so I thought it’d give a few copies away to generate interest in the site and the blog. Furthermore, it’s easy content as I […]

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Passive Aggressive Marketing Using My Blog Guest

Stock Photo Credit – “Where The Wild Things Are” by Sande2 My Blog Guest is awesome. A resource where struggling bloggers can go for content. Bloggers who are looking to promote their blog regularly trawl the site looking for opportunities to blog on other blogs. One of the most common ways to find opportunities to […]

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The Most Inspiring Blog Post I Read in 2011

It’s that difficult time of the year – the year end whereby like the inevitable march of death you await the new year to start things anew. Also during this week, people like myself cannot be bothered producing epically epic blog posts that we usually produce. Instead, as a great way of generating content, people […]

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Things That Cause Deindexation From Google – How To Find Site Issues & Fix Them

In my day job, I have access to a metric shitload of data of SEO campaigns. We’re talking thousands of websites here (I oversee campaigns, rather than get directly involve in them now), from a European budget airline, to small businesses, to the usual spammy subjects like payday loans and stuff. As such, these are […]

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Testing Out Guestr – Guest Post Promotion & Receivership

When you’re starting out in blogging, one of the most frustrating things is getting people to read your blog. Of course, one of the easiest ways is by guest blogging – writing on a larger more established blog an ace piece on how they can make shed loads of money by scratching your arse can […]

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Which Is Better – Retweets from Celebrities? Or Retweets from Industry Leaders?

It’s been an interesting week last week in the Dojo. A couple of my websites got retweeted by industry leaders. One of them got retweeted by the leading “thought leader” (eurgh) in SEO – Rand Fishkin. The other one got retweeted by Hulk Hogan. I bet you’re wondering “Which one got the most traffic?”, well […]

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