Google Penguin Vs. Panda – What’s The Difference?

Penguin and Panda are two of Google’s algorithms that have been instrumental in determining search engine ranking in search engines. There have been some changes made in both algorithms that people should be aware of to increase their search engine ranking position. Here are some of the latest changes and comparisons that you need to […]

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Tips And Tricks To Choosing Your Next Link Building Company

Although Google’s algorithm has hundreds and hundreds of different ranking factors, backlinks have always remained one of the strongest influences. It’s true that Google is trying to move toward a more holistic approach that focuses on the big picture, the community and social engagement, but backlinks are simply not going anywhere. They are still and […]

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How To Become A Blog Superstar

We’ve all heard of online Cinderella stories where people start their own blogs which then turn into viable, multi-million dollar businesses. The fantasy is certainly out there but the reality is often hidden. Making money off of a blog is very difficult to do and it takes a lot of hard work. 99% of people […]

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Why Usability Is King When It Comes To Website Design

Website by Emily Jarvis In order to make a lasting impression with your website visitors, you need to implement interfaces that go beyond simply a plain, usable website. Web design now forms the basis for greater expectations for an excellent user experience. The following points will insure people enjoy using your site, remember you, spread […]

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Banhammer! : 6 Tips For Google Penguin & Panda Recovery

With the newest Penguin update having been released late this May, we’ve put together a list of the best practices in the industry today to best cope with Google’s updates over the past two years. Whether you have a beef with Panda or despise the Penguin updates, using these strategies can provide your site the […]

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eBay Feeds For WordPress version 0.9.2 Released!

I am delighted to announce the release of eBay Feeds for WordPress version 0.9.2! This version fixes a small bug I was experiencing on a site I built recently – if the feed was empty or invalid, then it would break the site. This fix stops that, so now this plugin works for those who […]

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The Most Common Mistakes Made with WordPress

WordPress is a modern marvel.  A few clicks here, a few uploads there, and before you know it you have a pretty good looking website.  While WordPress and WordPress themes do make it all very easy, there are still mistakes one can easily make while using it.  Here is a list of the most common […]

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How To Improve Your Blog Writing

The online world is awash with so-called ‘expert’ blog and article authors, writing on such a diverse array of topics that you’ll be hard pressed to rise to the top of any heap. It can be hard to ensure that your pieces stick out above the rest, encouraging site owners to choose you as their […]

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Blogging Dojo Now Accepting Guest Posts Via My Blog Guest!

I am delighted to announce that Blogging Dojo is now accepting guest posts via the world’s biggest guest posting network – My Blog Guest. My Blog Guest, run by Ann Smarty, is the de-facto place where to go when you want to find a blog to help promote your website. Previously, I’ve been a bit […]

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How to SEO for Mobile in 2013

After a recent visit to a mini conference in Manchester on “SoLoMo” or Social, Location, Mobile I came back inspired about how to SEO for the mobile age in 2013. With the increase of device based marketing and mobile developments of the internet the way we are communicating is changing, and so is the way […]

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