4 Social Media Clangers That Will Ruin Your Event

If you are looking forward to holding your next event but are worried that the turnout may be a disappointment, then this article is just for you! We’re discussing how social media can be used effectively, and more precisely, how not to use these platforms. Although there is no element of rocket science with this area of marketing, there are some boundaries that need to be adhered to for the best results. More and more events managers are using these incredibly popular platforms for their promotional needs and the results can be quite stunning. Not only are they far more inexpensive than the traditional methods, but they are attracting a whole new generation of attendees as well. So here are some of the ways that you should not approach this new way of event marketing, take heed and you’ll do just fine!

The Right Channels

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Before you blast away with your next marketing campaign, think a little more about where your target audience are hanging out. Facebook and Twitter are the big two, but maybe your fans are a little more selective. If you are in any doubt, just do a little survey at your next event for some real answers. We’re not talking about a 20 minute interview, just a single question on the way in or out of your event. You can waste an awful lot of time knocking on the wrong social media door. Think about the people that you want to attract to your gig and check out the social media demographics, you may be surprised how powerful these methods can be. Do a Google search on these requirements and plan your next promotional onslaught afterwards.

#Hashtag Overdose###

These are great when used correctly, but can swiftly dilute your impact and annoy others when overused. Create a single and catchy Hashtag for your next event and stick to this brand representative for any further updates. Get your co-presenters and any artists to add their own input and remind them to stick with the same tag all the way through the preparation stages. Some performers may seem a little self-serving and demand their own Hashtag. This will not help your event and may even detract from the value a fair bit. If they are in any doubt, just hold a little meeting before the campaign begins and let them know who the boss is! (PS…it’s you)

Remember to Create a Pre-Event Buzz!

Try and remember what social media stands for, it’s all about gossip and telling everyone what an awesome time you are, or will be, having! So when you have this incredible vehicle at your disposal, why do so many event organisers waste that opportunity? Don’t be shy to bug your guests and remind them about what a brilliant time they will soon be having. Pop onto their platforms and share some love, they really will not mind a bit. If there is a company blog available, jump on it and start building up the event as much as you like, Why not put a small video together and ask a few of the performers to lay on a slick mini-cameo for the guests? Be creative and your enthusiasm will soon rub off on everyone! You could also create a mobile App for the event, let everyone know and wait for it to spread like wildfire.

Always Listen To Your Guests

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Probably the biggest mistake that any event organiser can make is failing to pick up on what your guests are saying. Social media is all about a loving conversation that everyone can share, so get sharing! Ask as many questions as you like about individual and group preferences as well as the dislikes. The only way that you can be expected to lay on a killer event, is to make your audience as happy as humanly possible. By asking these questions, your social media presence will become more popular and you’ll see a lot more interest in your event as a result. When the event is being held, do a few spot interviews and don’t be afraid to use these for your post-event press review. It all helps and nobody will ever refuse a little dance in the limelight with you!


Avoid these 4 mistakes and turn the warning into 4 big positives and you’ll soon be looking for a bigger venue for your next one!

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger. She takes keen interest in designing and is great with programming. You can follow Nancy on Twitter @Nancy_Baker_.

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