Welcome To The Dojo – We’ve Got Fun and Games

Welcome to The Blogging Dojo!

This is a new venture by me (Rhys Wynne) which is designed to be a resource for bloggers who know what they want, just not sure how to get it.

Rather than just being a resource though, which writes a billion times on “The Top 10 Worst Ways To Write a List Post” (really?), this blog is designed to be useful. Why? Because I test everything which I recommend, and everything which I talk about I’ve done before.

When thinking about names, this name won out over “Blogging for Punks”. I like the idea of punks because:-

  1. They Don’t Follow The Rules – You should blog every day? Your content should be slaved away for hours? Really? I know at least one successful blog that turns over a two million dollars a year that doesn’t do either of them (it’s not what you think!).
  2. Their Language Is Terrible – Yes, you may see me swear on here, but more than likely my copywriting skills aren’t that great. I do proof read, but as long as I get my message accross, then I’ve succeeded. Don’t worry – the ebooks on offer on this site are read and corrected by people with a greater grasp of the English language than I, so that’s okay.
  3. They’re Good & Passionate About What They Do – Every single punk that I know is passionate about what they do. Hence why I like punks!

I didn’t think that “Blogging Dojo for Punks” was a catchy name, so shortened it to “Blogging Dojo”. As such don’t think I’m turning Japanese and we talk about “The Zen of Blogging”, as you’d much more likely find us under a bridge swigging Jaegermeister from a bottle, rather than sit crossed legs on the floor with beads. Nevertheless, don’t let our approach fool you, we’re give no bullshit advice.

You can follow us on Twitter or Subscribe to our Newsletter (the form to do this is in the right sidebar), if you do so you get a free ebook, which is actually bloody useful.

Keep Rocking and Blogging!


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