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Services I Use – Advanced Web Ranking

If you do any sort of SEO Work on your site (don’t let the doomsayers scare you, if you ignore SEO you’re genuinely pants-on-head retarded), you could use tools to help you. Essential tools are limited to one – a spreadsheet program to track anything and everything. However there are tools out there that you […]

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Testing Out Guestr – Guest Post Promotion & Receivership

When you’re starting out in blogging, one of the most frustrating things is getting people to read your blog. Of course, one of the easiest ways is by guest blogging – writing on a larger more established blog an ace piece on how they can make shed loads of money by scratching your arse can […]

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Services I Use – Bookmarking Demon

One of my most used programmes (and often the first thing run on a blog when I create a new blog post) is Bookmarking Demon (Affiliate Link). Bookmarking Demon is an incredible way in building up shed-loads of links automatically. The links are terrible, which is why they should be the links you build up […]

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Services I Use – Blog Design Team

In part of being a little bit different on this blog than the standard blogs I’ve seen out there, I’m actually going to blog about services that we (shock and horror), actually use! Yes, I may shove in the odd, fully-disclosed affiliate link if need be (I need our beer money*, after all), but if […]

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