Blogging Dojo Policy on Review Copies

Thank you for your interest in reviewing my plugins. I am always interested in hearing thoughts on my plugins, to help you get more sales and to make money. Thank you.

However recently there have been incidents of people requesting free copies of the plugin, not writing the reviews, instead placing the plugin on torrent sites, often with hidden malware. To contend this, for review requests, you must follow the following policy.

  1. Purchase the copy of the product, you can do so at the following links – Author+ WordPress Plugin.
  2. Give an honest review the plugin within 30 days.
  3. Email me a copy of the review when it is live.
  4. I will refund you within 24 hours.

Feel free to add affiliate links (Click here for our Affiliate Programme). I will refund all reviews (positive and negative) of more than 500 words.

Apologies I’ve had to do this, but I need to protect my business.

Thank You!

Rhys Wynne
The Blgoging Dojo