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Rhys is a blogger with over 7 years experience and an SEO Consultant with over 4 years commerical experience working with large brands in competitive niches such as travel, poker and car insurance. He also knows his way around WordPress, and writes WordPress plugins. Furthermore he once had professional wrestling match, and part owns both a brewery and a football club.

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eBay Feeds For WordPress 0.8 Released!

I am delighted to announce the release of eBay Feeds For WordPress version 0.8! In this version, you can open links in a new window or the same window. This is done via a box on the options page:- By default the links open in the same window. You will need to go to the […]

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Blogger Outreach: 25+ Bloggers Who Will Promote Your WordPress Theme or Plugin!

With the promotion of Author Plus I did a fair bit of blogger outreach. I’ll be honest, I’m used to being outreached to, rather than doing the outreach myself. After spending a night looking through blogs using Google Searches and my own network for blogs, I was getting nowhere. Instead I tried something a little […]

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Spotify Play Button For WordPress Released!

I am delighted to announce the launch of Spotify Play Button for WordPress! Recently, Spotify launched their Spotify Play Features, which are lovely, and you can add Spotify music to your site. As a heavy user of Spotify, I’d love to see how it worked for my WordPress-run sites. As such, I knocked together this […]

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Running a Twitter Competition – Part 2: Deciding Winners

This is the second part of the “Running a Twitter Competion” Mini Series. You can read Part 1 here. So after promoting the comptition and raising the profile of the competition, we now move onto deciding the winners when the competition is closed. This used a couple of tools, to help make my job a […]

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Running a Twitter Competition – Part 1: Preparation & Promotion

Last week I announced the winner of a week long twitter comptition to win one of five copies of Author Plus. The plugin is currently undergoing some rennovations and feature additions, so I thought it’d give a few copies away to generate interest in the site and the blog. Furthermore, it’s easy content as I […]

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Author+ Premium WordPress Plugin Winners Announced!

It is with delight that I announce the winners of the First Ever Official Author+ Premium WordPress Plugin Competition™. I deliberately tried to keep the entry simple with a tweet and a follow to maximise entries. It worked, as it’s taken me a little while to compile all the entries (more on my tips on […]

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Win a Copy of Author+ Premium WordPress Plugin – Blogging Dojo Competition

Author+ Premium has been selling like hot cakes recently, largely due to the ease in which you can integrate Google’s Author Rich Snippets, and the additional functionality it provides for blog editors to reward their authors. Testimonials have been glowing for Author+, with people reporting higher clickthrough rates from Google’s search result pages, as well […]

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Passive Aggressive Marketing Using My Blog Guest

Stock Photo Credit – “Where The Wild Things Are” by Sande2 My Blog Guest is awesome. A resource where struggling bloggers can go for content. Bloggers who are looking to promote their blog regularly trawl the site looking for opportunities to blog on other blogs. One of the most common ways to find opportunities to […]

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WP Email Capture 2.1 Released!

Last night I released the latest version of WP Email Capture. For those of you who know anything about me before starting Blogging Dojo, I did used to meddle around with WordPress Plugins before the release of Author Plus. One of my most successful was WP Email Capture, a plugin that allows you to collect […]

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How To: Add A Banner To Your Plugin on WordPress.org

If you spend as much time poking around WordPress.org as I’d do, you’d see some plugins (such as Yoast’s excellent WordPress SEO) have banners. Enviously, I’ve looked on, wanting to know how to add banners to my plugins. Of course, you can Read The Chuffing Manual and find out how to add banners. However, it […]

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