Rhys Wynne

Rhys is a blogger with over 7 years experience and an SEO Consultant with over 4 years commerical experience working with large brands in competitive niches such as travel, poker and car insurance. He also knows his way around WordPress, and writes WordPress plugins. Furthermore he once had professional wrestling match, and part owns both a brewery and a football club.

On Social Networks

8 Solid, Untapped Sources for Building Links To Your Website or Blog

In the world of building backlinks, there are literally a thousand ways you can do it. While some methods may get you banned, there are a lot of methods that can build your brand, traffic and search engine ranking. Instead of building low-quality links through article directories and low-quality press release services, here are eight […]

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Rise Forums Review

Recently I was asked to join Rise Forums, a forum dedicated to internet marketers, bloggers and WordPress developers. The forum has been set up to help internet marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and developers connect with each other and grow each others businesses. Why You Should Join A Paid Forum? You may ask why you would want […]

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How To Use Facebook To Promote A Product Or Cause Without Upsetting Your Connections

Facebook is a fantastic tool for communicating with your larger network and for staying in touch with friends, colleagues and classmates that you would otherwise have possibly lost touch with. While it is generally meant to be a social utility, the marketing applications are impossible to miss and of course this is something that every […]

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How To Become A Blog Superstar

We’ve all heard of online Cinderella stories where people start their own blogs which then turn into viable, multi-million dollar businesses. The fantasy is certainly out there but the reality is often hidden. Making money off of a blog is very difficult to do and it takes a lot of hard work. 99% of people […]

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eBay Feeds For WordPress version 0.9.2 Released!

I am delighted to announce the release of eBay Feeds for WordPress version 0.9.2! This version fixes a small bug I was experiencing on a site I built recently – if the feed was empty or invalid, then it would break the site. This fix stops that, so now this plugin works for those who […]

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The Most Common Mistakes Made with WordPress

WordPress is a modern marvel.  A few clicks here, a few uploads there, and before you know it you have a pretty good looking website.  While WordPress and WordPress themes do make it all very easy, there are still mistakes one can easily make while using it.  Here is a list of the most common […]

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Blogging Dojo Now Accepting Guest Posts Via My Blog Guest!

I am delighted to announce that Blogging Dojo is now accepting guest posts via the world’s biggest guest posting network – My Blog Guest. My Blog Guest, run by Ann Smarty, is the de-facto place where to go when you want to find a blog to help promote your website. Previously, I’ve been a bit […]

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How to SEO for Mobile in 2013

After a recent visit to a mini conference in Manchester on “SoLoMo” or Social, Location, Mobile I came back inspired about how to SEO for the mobile age in 2013. With the increase of device based marketing and mobile developments of the internet the way we are communicating is changing, and so is the way […]

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WP Email Capture Premium Launched

Today, I am delighted to announce the launch of WP Email Capture Premium. The plugin is the premium version of my most successful plugin ever – WP Email Capture. As well has having all the features you have come to expect from the free version, you also have a bunch of other features including the […]

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Author+ Premium 1.9 Released!

Today I am delighted to announce the release of Author+ Premium 1.9! In this update, it has become a lot easier to add Google Rich Snippets to posts. Just simply add your Google+ Profile data to your user profile in the WordPress Dashboard. Full documentation is included, and if you have already got Google Rich […]

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