About Us

Three words you’ll never hear on this site* are the following:-

“Create Quality Content”

That’s a given. You know that, I know that, we all know that. What the Blogging Dojo hopes to achieve is give you real actionable advice – tips, services we use (yes, we use, not just promote) and also WordPress Plugins. Everybody on here actually knows what they talking about. Here’s who writes for the blogging Dojo.

Rhys Wynne (Senior Editor)

Rhys is a blogger with over 7 years experience and an SEO Consultant with over 4 years commercial experience working with large brands in competitive niches such as travel, poker and car insurance. He now works for Manchester based SEO Agency, 3 Door Digital. Rhys also knows his way around WordPress, and writes WordPress plugins. Furthermore he once had professional wrestling match, and part owns both a brewery and a football club.

* except on this page, obviously